Iulia Paraipan


Iulia Paraipan, a newly graduated Romanian visual artist from the art university in Enschede,
intricately weaves the tapestry of her cultural heritage into her artistic expression. Drawing
inspiration from the rich culture of Romanian mythology and religious iconography, she creates
enigmatic and evocative narratives that resonate with personal depth.
With bold strokes and an eclectic palette, she creates expressive and playful narratives that brings life into the mystical and fantastical tales she portrays. Her art transcends mere representation, delving deep into the essence of mythical creatures, heroes, and symbolism. Her visual practice serves as a narrative of her identity and her past, creating a contemporary iconography of Romanian folklore and beliefs.
Specialized in textiles, she manipulates fabrics to create textures that add layers of complexity to her work. Her artistic vision extends beyond traditional mediums as she experiments with a fusion of
materials, adding to flat surfaces depth and intrigue.

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